About the Music

The theme tune used for Letter from Helvetica is entitled “Ditty,” and was composed by Johnie Pow who went to school with Andrew. Johnie went on to be a professional guitarist but was tragically lost to cancer earlier this year.

The version you hear was recorded with Joe Dooley and is on Joe and Andrew’s second album, “Sunshine on your Doorstep”, available on all good streaming platforms, as is their first album, “Bloody Good Music”. More information on their website at https://bloodygoodmusic.co.uk/

Bloody Good Music album cover
Sunshine on your Doorstep album cover

The other incidental music was composed and recorded by Andrew and is called, imaginatively, “Ditty 2”. What you hear is a demo version that was never properly mixed, but its rawness seems to work quite well in this context. It’s currently not available on any other platform, but if he ever gets round to mixing it properly, who knows…?