Episode 1

John sees Abigail and family off at Heathrow as they begin their journey to Vanuatu. Then after a drunken evening with old army friends, John sends his first letter from Helvetica…

Released 30/04/23

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Episode 2

After her horrendously long journey, Abby wakes up in a luxury hotel and meets Martin the German. Back in Helvetica, John introduces the new house Elf to Penstruther Grange…

Released 07/05/23

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Episode 3

In “Another Girl”, John finds out rather more than he expected about Zlata the new House Elf, and meets one of the new owners of “Celliwig”. Abby is thrilled that John has agreed to email rather than snail-mail…

Released 14/05/23

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Episode 4

The Wesley family sail up the coast of Vanuatu in the research vessel, ‘Gloria’, and get their first glimpse of Burbango Island. And they meet smiling Stephen.

Released 21/05/23

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Episode 5

Arriving on Burbango, Abby sees “Haos Blong Olfala” for the first time. In Helvetica, John attends the Parish Council and prepares for the festival of Beltane…

Released 28/05/23

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Episode 6

John enjoys a stupendous Croatian meal prepared by Zlata and is taken aback by ‘skyclad’ dancing around the bonfire at Beltane. Abby meets Egbert and Bettina for the first time…

Released 04/06/23

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Episode 7

Abby describes their extraordinary house and tells John all about the food that is available for them to eat and how they obtain it.

Released 11/06/23

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Episode 8

Abby learns about the marine life that surrounds them and The Wesley Family solve the problem of having no washing machine by not wearing clothes. But will Bettina be offended…

Released 18/06/23

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